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2018 - Year of The Dog by J-ko 2018 - Year of The Dog :iconj-ko:J-ko 2 0
Bad Verse #5
He swore us to secrecy
and bid our memories adieu,
now I’m left with the pain
of remembering for two.
:iconj-ko:J-ko 0 0
Bridge Girl (Fake cover) by J-ko Bridge Girl (Fake cover) :iconj-ko:J-ko 0 0 Eager Love Revenge - 1 by J-ko Eager Love Revenge - 1 :iconj-ko:J-ko 2 0
Mature content
Bad Verse #4 :iconj-ko:J-ko 0 0
Bad Verse #3
Here lies Jay Vee,
Throttled by Pam.
Her ghost sits in Chemistry
with the souls of the damned.
:iconj-ko:J-ko 0 0
Bad Verse #2
Two white joggers smooching by the roadside,
Sucking face with an ardour my country denies me.
:iconj-ko:J-ko 0 0
Bad Verse #1
And then a
thousand splendid suns
shone on the
thousandth splendid son.
:iconj-ko:J-ko 1 0
On life choices
At first I was lost,
Then mum put in her two cents.
Poof! All my paths - gone.
:iconj-ko:J-ko 0 0
Year of the Monkey by J-ko Year of the Monkey :iconj-ko:J-ko 5 0
The Olivie Crowne Affair (Excerpt)
Central Astwick’s IT Emporium was not as Olivie Crowne had remembered it.
It was the right place, judging from the mountain of white boxes haphazardly stacked into one corner, and the colourful packages with large words on display behind the counter.  However, there was no acne-ridden, bespectacled young man rolling his eyes and thinking, ‘Oh lord—not another old biddy who can’t differentiate between her mouse and keyboard‘.
Instead, a grey-skinned horned teenage girl sized her up from behind the counter.  Olivie had suffered her share of patronising tech-savvy young men, but at least they were human.  This girl looked like she had either never touched a computer, or touched far too many.
Olivie cleared her throat.  “Excuse me,” she ventured.
The horned girl pointed at the door.  “The Lost Memories Bureau is across the road.”
Olivie shook her head.  “Oh no, I haven’t lost anything.  I
:iconj-ko:J-ko 4 6
Her words:
sweet ambrosia cooling an auditory throat,
filling parched cracks of
a crumbling memory. His fingers
smear her baby-blues into rose-pink apples dabbed
with regret and despair. His ribs
squeeze her from his heart;
her smile
bleeds into the sterile white sky,
the last light of his mind's eye.
:iconj-ko:J-ko 1 0
Mountain Rice Under The Milky Way
Matt may not be from around, but he knew what uncooked rice looked like.
The clay bowl was four-fifths full of rice grains; a mere nudge would spill it. He looked at it and back to Hilda.
"Hilda, I can't eat this."
She nodded. "I know."
Under the starlit night, he saw red grains sprinkled in the white rice like tiny colourful starbursts. Hilda had waxed lyrical about the health benefits and unique flavour of mountain rice, but words weren't edible. If Matt had been briefed on any rice-cooking ritual earlier, he definitely missed it.
He had to admit ignorance before it dragged on.
Matt handed Hilda the bowl, "Hilda, I...I don't know what to do. Am I supposed to cook this? Eat it raw?"
Her expression was inscrutable. "Shake it," she replied.
Matt raised an eyebrow. "Shake...? Hilda, the rice will spill."
She shook her head. "It doesn't matter. Just mix well."
Matt kept staring at the bowl, damage control his foremost thought. Hilda must have seen the deep furrows on his forehead, or she
:iconj-ko:J-ko 4 6
The Bridge of 'Hi's
The Bridge of "Hi"s is the sole link between West Outer Vaticanny and Leamas National Park. Crossing the northwestern bend of River Vaticanny, the bridge is a famous landmark, and any local will be all too happy to assist you should you lose your bearings.  
The bridge was built in the first decade of the fifth age, during the Le Carre administration, predating the existence of The Vaticanny Place. Administrative heads of that age were not bestowed the title "The God", and so unlike other modern historical landmarks around Outer Vaticanny it does not bear the name of the reigning God.
Before The Bridge of "Hi"s was built, researchers and explorers heading into Leamas National Park (then called the Uncommonly Deep Dark Forest of Darkness) employed the services of boatmen or wingmen to carry them across. The river was privy to rapid currents and low visibility during periods of bad weather or moody weathermen, and in Universal Year 30583 the collision between a boatman and a wingman
:iconj-ko:J-ko 1 0
Inktober - Shadow Play Antichrist by J-ko Inktober - Shadow Play Antichrist :iconj-ko:J-ko 0 0
Of Time
Milord, what did they tell you about time?
Did they speak of rivers and tides,
of wind currents far and wide?
Did they mention it ebbs and crests,
nestles in pidgeons’ breasts,
or flows through your chest?
Or did they throw up arms, in defeat,
"Time died long ago. We confess our deceit."?
:iconj-ko:J-ko 1 0

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Body Language Meme - Envy. by Endling Body Language Meme - Envy. :iconendling:Endling 20,536 1,099 disappointment. by silpholion disappointment. :iconsilpholion:silpholion 134 24 A Study in Coat-Making by crimsongriffin28 A Study in Coat-Making :iconcrimsongriffin28:crimsongriffin28 706 428
Getting Published the Hard Way
A tutorial by M. Alice Chown
If, like me, you have stories lying around gathering virtual dust on your hard drive, why not send them out to a publisher? You have nothing to lose. A couple of years ago, I attended the launch of an annual Canadian short story anthology, called Tesseracts 10. I knew one of the authors whose speculative fiction piece had been included in the book. Matthew Johnson and I had taken the same creative writing course. Our former prof, author, Robert Sawyer, was there at the launch too, as well as the editors of the anthology. Those who had contributed a story to Tesseracts 10 took turns saying a few words about their piece. Matt talked about his joy at learning that after so many rejections his humble tale about soup of all things had made it into print. Most surprising to me, however, were the words of the pretty, brunette author. She was just 19, a University of Toronto student, and her short story had been her very first
:iconmsklystron:msklystron 814 332
Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 2 by onkami Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 2 :icononkami:onkami 763 27 Comic Fiesta 2011 by sweetmoon Comic Fiesta 2011 :iconsweetmoon:sweetmoon 637 29 Dazzling and Untempered by carriezona Dazzling and Untempered :iconcarriezona:carriezona 4,559 376 Jack Skellington Cosplay by kaiser-mony Jack Skellington Cosplay :iconkaiser-mony:kaiser-mony 19,156 1,783 Nyan cat by keito-nyan Nyan cat :iconkeito-nyan:keito-nyan 522 90 DA2 - Stranger Places by aimo DA2 - Stranger Places :iconaimo:aimo 3,328 536 DA2 - Carver's Lament by aimo DA2 - Carver's Lament :iconaimo:aimo 594 79 the devil summoner by froggyprince the devil summoner :iconfroggyprince:froggyprince 17 6 Shark Bite by CatcherRye Shark Bite :iconcatcherrye:CatcherRye 12 22 Leftover Dreams of the Strong by emiletang Leftover Dreams of the Strong :iconemiletang:emiletang 73 92 Welcome To the Jungle by Firnheledien Welcome To the Jungle :iconfirnheledien:Firnheledien 25 7 and I hate you. by SpookyChan and I hate you. :iconspookychan:SpookyChan 142 19


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